serving calendar


  • We believe in the Great Commission. We know hearts are forever changed both in the people serving and in those being served. We believe to truly being invested in our ministry we ask for your prayers, volunteer times and financial donations   We love being able to glorify God in such a big way and can only continue to do it with that kind of partnership.  Please pray about becoming a partner is every way. You can sign up below to serve with us and if God prompts you go to our donation page also!  Thank you for helping us expand God's kingdom.
  • To become a volunteer at the Lovewell Center you must do 2 things.  

  • 1.  Attend on of our trainings held on the 2nd  Monday of each month.  Please click the link below.  


  • 2.  Please fill out the volunteer form you find when you hover on the "Serve with us" tab. 


  • Missions Trip Are you passionate about working with the hoomeless? Do you have a desire to spread God's love while serving? We would love to have you serve beside us for a week long missions trip in Las Vegas.

  • Be An Advocate We need Christ followers who believe that God is doing great things through our ministry and will advocate in your community by sharing with your church, friends and family and by holding a fundraiser at least once a year to benefit the ministry. Contact Jenny for more information or to share new ideas.

  • Support our ministry. Once again we have chosen a path that is different from the norm but we know this is the best way we can continue to serve God full-time. We have also learned that when you give God control of your finances and allow Him to work through others, the result is a partnership with eternal results. It humbles us to our core while allowing our ministry partners to serve in the area where God called them. So if God has called you to use your finances to glorify his kingdom then please click on the Make a Donation Tab. We can not do this without your partnership.